Alpha Psi Scholarship

Scholarships are a Member Benefit of DKG. Click here to download the application for the Alpha Psi Scholarship.

One of the seven purposes of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is, “To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to non-member women educators.” There are 3 levels of scholarships available for Alpha Psi Chapter members:

International Scholarships, Eta State Scholarships, and our Alpha Psi Chapter Scholarship.

Up to 30 international scholarships are awarded to members for study at the master’s degree and for work at the doctorate level. Scholarships at the master’s level are in the amount of $6,000 and for doctoral study, $10,000. To receive an international scholarship you must be a member of 3 years by

Feb. 1 st of the application. Applications are available by July 1 each year and due by February 1 st . For

more information access the DKG website at and select scholarship under the committee


Eta State Scholarship Information may be found at:

Applications are to be posted at least 3 months prior to the February 1 st deadline. There are three

$4,000 Eta State Academic Scholarships granted for doctoral or sixth-year graduate study. Additionally,

there are Aman Scholarships designated for those seeking a master’s degree or non-degree activities

such as national certification renewal, add-on certification or special projects.

The Alpha Psi Chapter Scholarship(s) is awarded to a member seeking an Advanced Certificate, Master’s

degree or Doctorate. Applications are currently available on the Alpha Psi Chapter web site. Completed

forms are due by February 1 st each year and should be submitted to the chairman of the scholarship

committee. Award(s) are based on available funds. Our budget includes $100.00 each year for this

purpose. In addition, money raised by a 50/50 raffle held at chapter meetings contributes to available

funds as well as any contributions or endowments made by members.

The membership requirement for International applicants is 3 years as of the February 1 st deadline and

for Eta State applicants 2 calendar years. Alpha Psi Scholarships simply require membership in Alpha Psi.

Take advantage of what DKG has to offer by applying for a scholarship to assist you in advancing your

knowledge and improving your practice.