Alpha Building Consultancy Environmental Policy


Alpha Building Consultancy recognises the importance of a sustainable environment. 

ABC is accredited with the following industry recognised qualifications:

  • Approved Elmhurst SAP and EPC Rating Assessor
  • Member of the Green Register
  • Member of the Eco-Refurbishers Register
  • Licensed BREEAM Assessor for Eco-Homes
  • Licensed Stroma Assessor for Code for Sustainable Construction

 ABC has delivered sustainable schemes which exceed the legislative design requirements for sustainability and environmental impact.


  • ABC recognises that the operations, design and advice given by ABC, has an effect upon the local, regional and global environment.
  • ABC is committed to continuous improvement in design and performance, in order to reduce the environmental impact and pollution resulting from design, advice and actions.
  • Current environmental regulations, law and Codes of Practice are regarded as being minimum standards, which must be exceeded if possible.
  • Printing in the office is kept to a minimum to reduce environmental impact.
  • Whenever possible electronic data exchange is employed, and most data is stored electronically.
  • ABC employs sustainably resourced paper for print needs and whenever possible prints to a maximum size of A3.
  • ABC has implemented a dry recycling waste bin which is emptied on a regular basis.        
  • ABC disposes of all office waste in a responsible manner, with licensed contractors, ensuring compliance with the Duty of Care Regulations.
  • ABC has invested in energy saving technologies.
  • ABC's design review process ensures that the environmental impact of new developments is monitored.
  • ABC specifies materials and products, wherever possible, that have no or low environmental impact of global warming potential.
  • ABC specifies products that have a low water consumption rate.
  • ABC specifies products sourced from sustainable suppliers wherever possible.
  • When designing, ABC aims to retain as many existing natural resources and ecological features as possible, and to plant indigenous species.
  • ABC endeavours to work with sub contractors and suppliers who have robust environmental policies or are willing to adopt ABC's policy.
  • ABC is committed to the implementation and continued review of this policy.


This policy has been adopted by Managing Director Stuart Samuels.