About us

The name of the Association is the Alliance Française de Rarotonga Incorporated, and is known as "ARE AKA MARAMA O TE VARANI".

The Association, set up according to the constitution and aims of the Alliance Française founded in Paris in 1883, has as its purpose the promotion of the study of the French language and to bring together all those who wish to increase the knowledge of and understanding of the French culture and thought, and more generally, to encourage a better mutual understanding between France and the Cook Islands by developing linguistic and cultural exchanges.

The Alliance Française of Rarotonga is currently counting about 50 paying members and 150 students (adults and children).

When the French language was taught at school we counted about 500 students for a population of 9 000 citizens. An objective contract was signed between the Alliance and the French embassy in New-Zealand which both share the same priorities: develop and diversify French courses.

Located in the Capital of the Cook Islands, the Alliance Française de Rarotonga has been established since 1991. Here you will learn French under exceptional conditions and many extra services, such as translation services, French Movie Nights, and French cuisine lessons.