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humsat - me, my dreambox and I...

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Nick name: humsat
Teis: Independent (not if you see me at home)
Membership: PP Team
Home board: digsat.net
Plugin mod : WebInterface - MedieCenter - Skin Scandinavian letters for:
dmm keyboard(de) System, Remote, VirtualKeyboard and Date on screens.

I have been around the sat community's since way back,and started out wanting free TV (probably porn), on humax and Samsung receivers using a Magic Cam jumped over 56xx and vent straight on DM7000 with yellow display.

My fist dreambox project was a extension/addon/overwrite of some non used
.htm pages on the E1 web-interface called  my_templates
I have been member of PP-Team since 2006 bla. bla. bla. digsat.net bla. bla. bla. Peter Pan Image enigma1 bla. bla. bla. Neverland Image fore enigma2 bla. bla. bla. bla. bla. bla. and that's the way my feet became rooted.

My knowledge is limited to the little I know 
but culture of the others is a joke. 

(Fraklip fra det fjerne)