Enigma2 skin overview

The list below shows OE1.6 and OE2.0 CVS Skins
- they should always be uptodate.

In the early days we were dependant on controlling large
parts of the box by a Consol like Telnet, these whore the days before a good GUI (Graphical user interface) now with good plugins its quit easy to control it with the Remote control.

Click on the skin preview.
All skin listed here got there own page with screenshots
and if there is a presentation of the Skin or a Debate
you can find the links to the skin pages.

I have borrowed some pictures and hope that's OK, Thanks!
When there is time, I will make a page showing other skins.

You can download a CVS skin using the Software Manager.
All installed skin can be managed from the Skin Selector.

Skin size: SD: 720x576px  -  XD: 1024x720px  -  HD: 1280x720px
HD skins can only be used on a HD box, SD and XD skins can be used on all Enigma2 boxes
SD and XD size are good if you got bad eyesight or small TV-Set. See the difference in SWAIN HD/SD Skin

If you want to use Picons, - they have to have the right size: HD/XD uses 100x60px and SD use 70x53px
and, of course must the use of Picons be in skin.xml file or the use has to be written into it.

Basic HD Skin                                    BrushedAlu HD Skin                          DMConcinnity HD Skin
Dreambox BASIC-HD Skin        Dreambox BrushedAlu-HD Skin        Dreambox DMConcinnity-HD Skin

DreamMM HD Skin                             Elgato HD Skin                                  Kerni HD1R2 HD Skin
Dreambox DreamMM-HD Skin        Dreambox Elgato-HD Skin        Dreambox Kerni-HD1R2 HD Skin

Kerni HD1 HD Skin
Nemesis BlackBox SD Skin               Nemesis Blueline SD
Dreambox Kerni-HD1 HD Skin        Dreambox Nemesis.BlackBox Skin        Dreambox Nemesis.Blueline SD Skin

Nemesis Blueline.Single SD              Nemesis Blueline Extended SD         Nemesis ChromeLine SD
Dreambox Nemesis.Blueline.Single SD Skin        Dreambox Nemesis.Blueline.Extended Skin        Dreambox Nemesis.ChromeLine SD Skin

Nemesis ChromeLine Cobolt SD        Nemesis Flatline SD Skin                  Nemesis Flatline Blue SD Skin
Dreambox Nemesis.ChromeLine.Cobolt SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis.Flatline SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis.Flatline.Blue SD Skin

Nemesis Flatline Picon Blue SD        
Nemesis Flatline Picon Lava SD        
Nemesis GlassLine SD Skin
Dreambox Nemesis.Flatline.Picon.Blue SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis.Flatline.Picon.Lava SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis GlassLine SD Skin

Nemesis Greenline 
SD Skin               
Nemesis Greenline Single SD           
Nemesis Greenline Extended SD
Dreambox Nemesis Greenline SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis.Greenline.Single SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis.Greenline.Extended SD Skin

Nemesis Greyline SD Skin                 
Nemesis Greyline Single SD             
Nemesis Greyline Extended
Dreambox Nemesis.Greyline SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis.Greyline.Extended SD Skin        
Dreambox Nemesis.Greyline.Single SD Skin

Nemesis Shadow Line SD                
Neverland HD1R2 CVS HD Skin         
Dreambox Nemesis.ShadowLine SD Skin        Dreambox Neverland HD1R2 CVS Skin        Dreambox SWAIN SD Skin

SWAIN-HD HD Skin                            UltraViolet HD Skin                            Vali-XD Skin                            
Dreambox SWAIN-HD HD Skin        
Dreambox UltraViolet HD Skin        DreamboxVali-XD Skin

Vali HD Atlantis Skin                         
Vali HD nano Skin                              Vali HD Warp Skin
Dreambox Vali HD Atlantis Skin        
Dreambox Vali HD nano Skin        Dreambox Vali HD warp Skin
YADS-HD Skin                                    
dTV-HD Skin                                      dTV-HD Reloaded Skin
Dreambox YADS-HD Skin        
dTV-HD Skin        Dreambox dTV-HD Reloaded Skin

dmm-HD Skin                                    
dreamTV-HD Skin                              simple SD Skin
Dreambox dmm-HD Skin        
Dreambox dreamTV-HD Skin        Dreambox simple SD Skin
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