Start making sense
Since I started playing around with Dreambox it has always annoyed me, that
the plugins are using there own screen size and setup, it would good if we could agree on setting standard screen sizes and setup.

Since there is no common goal, it all seems very messy. I can easy see your (the developer) point of view: been there, done that - but if you want your plugin to be used, you have to consider the graphic expression as well.

Changing from one screen to another is very disturbing.
How the plugin is working becomes difficult if every Screen got a new place and the buttons are used in a new/diffrent ways.

I do hope Dream Multimedia is going to use a size 1280x720px
as default skin size in the next release, at least on the second from now
and that it will point out certain standards, we can work with. feb.5.2012 

I made new HD1R2 skin setup for all kind of plugin (OE1.6+ OE2.0)
now the screens look the same (if it doesn't it come with its own screens)
and I added all Buttons in use + some extra plugin information.

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By using Kerni's HD1R2 skin as a starting point, we (PP-Team) made our own HD1R2 skin, The new Neverland_HD1R2 skin is using a new structure that works a bit quicker. We all added current buttons in use and information and help on almost every screen. You can easy change to your own background picture named: back.png or back.jpg, set in your own skin logo or change font and its colors. There will come a how do I manage Neverland skin, when its needed. 

This skin is made for dreambox only!!
Menu Icons made by @FoxyRibbit is fore Peter Pan Neverland Image only!
First of all its made for Peter Pan Neverland Image!
Next step is a OE2.0 CVS version for you to play with.
If a dreambox image team want to use it please contact me

Once again I like to say Thanks to Kerni fore showing us the way to do it! 

Regards humsat

Neverland skin using .jpg background.