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Wireless Lan

Connect to a Wireless Network.

Network Adapter Selection
Dreambox plugin - Network Configuration select adapter
If you got a Wireless connection, you can select it. Otherwise will the adapter selection screen not show and you will come straight to LAN connection.

WLAN Configuration Menu
Dreambox plugin - Network Configuration - WLAN connection
Here you also find the Mount Manager and if installed the Network Browser.
Special for  the WLAN network menu is: You can Scan for Wireless Networks and Show the Wireless connection Status in own screen.

Scan for wireless network
Dreambox plugin - Network wireless scan
It will find for all kind of wireless networks, even your neighbours  Select your Wireless connection press OK to make the rest of the setup manual.

Adapter Settings
Dreambox plugin - WLAN-connection Network Setup
Connect to: Unencrypted - WEP - WPA - WPA2  - WPA and WPA2.

WLAN Status
Dreambox plugin - Network WLAN Status
Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia
[Location: Main menu -> Setup -> System -> Network]
Using screen name="NetworkAdapterSelection" + "AdapterSetup" + "AdapterSetupConfiguration" + "WlanScan" + "WlanStatus" 
System plugin is Pre-installed and can be downloaded with Software Manager