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WebInterface and it's Extension

The Dreambox WebControl is a WebInterface extension that's work with you dreambox and a internet browser.
You can call it by writing in the IP of your dreambox in a browser window, by adding a call for the specified WebInterface extension you can use it aswell, most of the webinterface extensions you can find in Extras menu.

On this page I will make a list, give shot information and explain how to view them in your browser.

Web Plugins
Dreambox Webcontrol:

Plugin developer: Reichi - and many developers who have helped here to!
[Location: http://DreamboxIP]

 Browser usage on Wikimedia, March 2012   

Web Browser
Again an issue which has been
discussed a lot over the years.
For WebInterface and the extensions
right now is Google Chrome the best.

Be aware:
Google Chrome can not be used to
flash your dreambox.