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Web Browser

Web Browser

Browse the web with your dreambox

Plugin entry:
Dreambox plugin - Web Browser
The plugin starts with as Start(Home)page.
You can set new start page in the Web Browser - Menu.

Collord buttons changes button functions.
Red button changes: Mouse on/off
If you want to use the mouse, yellow button has to be on Navigation. 
Use OK button to enter a link.

Yellow button changes: Arrow buttons
Navigation on. Use the arrow buttons to move a marker from link to link.
Scroll mode: You can move page up/down and left/right.

Blue button changes: Bouquet buttons +/- 
Can be used to: Scroll the page up/down or used to Zoom page in or out.

A shot showing status label in the lower right corner indicates button status.

Menu button: Web Browser - Menu
Dreambox plugin - Web Browser
Make your Settings and add Booksmarks, View and delete History, Downloads, Certificate and  Cookies. 

Left site: Use Bouquet buttons +/- 
Right site: Use Arrow buttons up/down

Help button
Dreambox plugin - Web Browser help

Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia 
[Location: Main menu]
Using own screens
Debate - Home - Pre-installed in OE2.0 images