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VPS - Video Programming System

The VPS-Plugin can determine whether a programme begins earlier or lasts longer on some german channels.

Supported channels:
German: Das Erste (HD), ZDF (HD), NDR, WDR, MDR, Bayerisches Fernsehen, hr, rbb, SWR, 3sat, arte (HD), KiKa, Phoenix, BR-alpha, ZDFinfo, zdf_neo, zdf.kultur, EinsExtra, EinsPlus, Einsfestival. Czech Republic: CT

Plugin entry:
VPS Setup

VPS-Plugin can react on delays arising in the startTime or endTime of a programme. VPS is only supported by certain channels! If you enable VPS, the recording will only start, when the channel flags the programme as running.

If you select \"yes (safe mode)\", the recording is definitely starting at the latest at the startTime you defined. The recording may start earlier or last longer.
If a timer is programmed manually (not via EPG), it is necessary to set a VPS-Time to enable VPS. VPS-Time (also known as PDC) is the first published start time, e.g. given in magazines. If you set a VPS-Time, you have to leave timer name empty.        

Plugin developer: sftg
[Location: Main Menu -> Setup -> System]
Using screen name="VPS_Setup" + "VPS_Screen_Info" + "VPS_check_PDC_Screen"
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