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Video Fine-Tuning

Video Fine-Tuning

Video fine-tune your TV-set to your Dreambox

Step 1. Brightness
If your TV has a brightness or contrast enhancement, disable it.
If there is something called "dynamic", set it to standard.
Adjust the backlight level to a value suiting your taste.
Turn down contrast on your TV as much as possible.
Then turn the brightness setting as low as possible,
but make sure that the two lowermost shades of gray stay distinguishable.
Do not care about the bright shades now.
They will be set up in the next step.
If you are happy with the result, press OK.

Step 2. Contrast
Now, use the contrast setting to turn up the brightness of the background as much as possible, but make sure that you can still see the difference between the two brightest levels of shades.
If you have done that, press OK.

You can call test pictures by using buttons 1. to 5.
"1": Brightness (Step 1.)
"2": Contrast (Step 2.)
"3": Filter

Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia
[Location: Main menu -> Setup -> System]
Using screen name="VideoFinetune"
System plugin is pre-installed