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Vali's EPG

Vali's EPG

This plugin is a substitute for EPG and the Channel list.

All keys (including the Number keys) are the same as in the Channel list!
The buttons that are new / different are described in the screen.
The ScrollBar color, tells you which list is active.

Plugin Setup:
Use Blue button to enable/disable Vali's EPG as Channel Selection.
You have to reboot enigma2 after changes.

Vali's EPG and Channel selection:
Vali's EPG an Channel selection
If you press the PVR button you will come to Vali's EPG advanced options.

Vali's EPG advanced options:
Vali*s EPG ContextMenu
Here you can (among other things) change how to blue button should work.

Plugin developer: Vali
[Location: Main Menu -> Setup (Plugin Setup)]
Using screen name="ValisEPGconfig" + "ValisEPG" and calling "ChoiceBox"
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