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Vali-XD skins control

Vali-XD skins control
Configuration tool for Vali-XD skins.
XD is using screen size 1080px x 576px
which can be of benefit to use by bad eyesight.

To get this plugin working, you have to download and select Vali-XD skin.
When you are using Vali-XD (Base) you can enter the plugin from the Plugin Browser and amongst others select between 10 of Vali's skins.

Base (Vali-XD) - Beyond Dreams - Validator - Magic Shadow - New Shadow
Glass - Metal Pad - New Vision - Atlantis - Avalon - Blues of dream 

Selectable is 4. kind of setup for the display:
DM-800 Simple - DM-8000 Full - DM-7025 - Very simple
skin.xml files is missing id="2" and can not be used for dm800se

Plugin Setup:
Dreambox plugion - Vali-XD skins Control
Color change can only be used by using Base skin.
  • Color format: TTRRGGBB (hexadecimal)
  • TT=Transparenty RR=Red GG=Green BB=Blue
  • See more colors by
You have to restart enigma2 to get changes to work.

Tool Box:
Dreambox plugin - Vali-XD skins Control - ToolBox
You can select between two kinds of buttons Round or Magic.



Sumipoeka files has to be installed and Colored icons patch, both not tested.

Plugin developer: Vali
[Location: Plugin Browser]
Using own screens.
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