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Teletext with caching pages in the background.

Plugin setup:
TeleText Menu
In the new TeleText plugin you can fitt it to your TVscreen

Normal size
TeleText normal size
My TV cuts a bit all around, so to get it all I have to make changes.

My TeleText screen size
TeleText my screen size

Press the help button and you can see how to buttons work.

TeleText - Select provider
In some cases you can choose between a provider's range of TeleText.
TeleText - Select provider
Note the small star at the right arrow which indicate that you can not decode the channel associated TeleText

If you can decode the channel will be able to press the OK green button
and enter the selected Channel TeleText.

Plugin developer:  LeSpuck
[Location: Text Button]
Using screen name="TeleTextMenu" and own screen.
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