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Edit,add or make new movie Tags to movie list.

You can use the plugin while setting a Timer event, or open it from Movie list.
In the Timer list, - by pressing OK button while the selector is placed on Tags.

Plugin entry:
Movie Tag Editor
Select the tags you want to use, you can always come back, make changes, edit or add tags to you recordings from: Movie list -> Menu Button -> edit tags
and you can start editing the movie tags on the selected movie.

Movie List Tags:
After the selected the Tags you want to use you can set at Tag on green and yellow button, with blue button you can select from the Tags you have listed.

You can change Tags on green and yellow button by pressing the button again.

Plugin developer: AHolst
[Location: Timer list(tags) and Movie selection -> Menu button (context menu)]
Using screen name="MovieTagEditor" + "TagEditor" and calling "InputBox"
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