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Sundtek Control Center

Sundtek Control Center

It installs the sundtek driver and runs related shellscripts

Plugin entry:
Sundtek Control Center

After the plugin is installed:
Download latest drivers - by pressing Bouquet + 
Setup tuner  - press green to Activate
Press blue to Start Tuner and Enigma2 will restart by it self.

Go to Tuner configurations menu
Select Sundtek USB Tuner and make you setup.
Now you can make a tuner scan. 

Service Scan Terrestrial

You can also setup the Sundtek USB Tuner using it via a network.
I have not tested this part of the plugin.

Plugin developer: giro77
[Location: Plugin Browser and Main Menu -> Setup -> Service Searching]
Using screen name="SundtekControlCenter"
Debate - Home - Download with Software Manager


Big Thanks to Sundtek for the test sample.!