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Storage devices

Storage devices

Set up your storage devices like internal/external harddisk, USB drives and flash memory cards.

Plugin entry:
Dreambox plugin - Storage devices
When a device is found it will show on the list.
If you want to use the device as an active part of the Dreambox the device has to be mounted. This can be done manually or automatically.

Harddisk partions
Dreambox plugin - Storage devices harddisk partions
By initialized a harddisk with Enigma2, it will also make a swap partition.

Storage Information
Dreambox plugin - Storage devices - Information

If you want to use Picons the device has to be mounted as:
/media/cf/ or /media/usb/
or you can write in other/new Picon paths in the file.

Do not store Picons on a hard drive, this will cause the hard drive being active running/searching for Picons and will not operate smoothly.

Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia
[Location: Main menu -> Setup -> System]
Using screen name="HarddiskDriveSelection" + "HarddiskDriveSetup" + "HarddiskMountpointBrowser" + "HarddiskWait" + "StorageInformation"
System is Pre-installed