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SimpleRSS allows reading RSS newsfeeds on your Dreambox

Plugin main setup:
RSS Setup
If you use a google reader you can also get accese to it from here.

Add new:
RSS add new

RSS Overview:
RSS Overview
You can find the setup (again) by pressing the Menu button.
Try press yellow button, if there is a media file, you can play it from here.

RSS Feed View:
RSS Feed View

RSS Entry View:
RSS Entry View
You can use left/right button to zap in the feed list.

You can use the simpleRSS plugin and follow the page Blog or plugin screenshots on your dreambox. Blog.feed.xml - Screenshots.feed.xml

Plugin developer: ritzMo
[Location: Plugin Browser]
Using screen name="RSSSetup" + "RSSEntryView" + "RSSFeedView" + "RSSOverview"
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