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Play Internet Radio downloaded from

Listen and record Shoutcast Internet Radio on your Dreambox. 
By pressing Menu button in every screen you can always make setup changes.

Plugin entry:
SHOUTcast favorites list
The Plugin starts on you Favorites list, 
Press menu and you can: Remove, rename, hide player and enter config menu. 

Genre Selection:
SHOUTcast Genre ListGreen button/Genres - its here you can find all kind of Genres and add the channels to Favorite lits by pressing Menu button and select: Add current...

SHOURcast setting:
SHOUTcast Setup

Select recording path:
SHOUTcast Streamripper Recording Path

Plugin developer: Dr.Best
[Location: Plugin Browser]
Using screen name="SHOUTcastWidget" + "SHOUTcastSetup" + "SHOUTcastStreamripperRecordingPath"
Debate - Home - Download with Software Manager

SHOUTcast has change its web-page links,
if you are using older version of the plugin it doesn't work, hopefully the same happens with, clone or rip of boxes with the new updated plugin. 

hmm - right now I don't got any name="cover" or name="console"
I will make new ScreenShots when it is fixed.