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PodCast streams podcasts to your Dreambox.

Plugin entry:

PodCast Config

Select storage:
PodCast Location Selection
Her you can setup how the Buffering should work.
Its a good idea to make a own storage for the files.

PodCast Selection with description:
Select PodCast

Podcast Buffer
You can start the Podcast during download by pressing OK button.

You can easy setup your own PodCast links for streams, file is stored in /etc/podcast/podcasts.xml

Do remember to make a backup of the file podcasts.xml to you Computer
it can happend that the file is going to be overwritten during an update!

If you are going to use special scandinavian letters you use htm like this:
æ/ae = æ
Æ/AE = Æ

ø/oe = Æ
Ø/OE = Ø

å/aa = Ã¥
Å/AA = Ã…

Plugin developer: AliAbdul
[Location: Extension Menu]
Using screen name="Podcast" + "PodcastConfig" + "LocationSelection" + "PodcastDe" + "PodcastDeCategories" + "PodcastDePodcasts" + "PodcastDeEpisodes" + "PodcastCom" + "PodcastComGenre"  + "PodcastComGenre2" + "PodcastXML" + "PodcastProvider" + "PodcastPodcasts" + "PodcastMovies" + "PodcastBuffer"
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