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Sort Plugins in the PluginBrowser.

This Plugin modifies the original PluginBrowser so you can move Plugins around.

Plugin entry:
It alows you to change the order of installed plugins inside the PluginBrowser, if you press the MENU button you can also change the order of plugins inside:
the Extensions-Menu (Blue Button menu)
the EventInfo-Menu (hold the INFO button when watching TV)
or the MovieSelection-Menu (press MENU when inside the MovieSelection).

Once you selected one of these options, you go to a modified PluginBrowser, 
which shows the respective plugins and you can change their order just as described on the previous page.
The changes are applied when leaving the editor using the RED or EXIT button on your remote control.

Plugin developer: ritzMo
[Location: Plugin Browser/Green button]
Plugin is calling screens "PluginBrowser" + "ChoiceBox" + "MPHelp"
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