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Allows to zap using the picture in picture.

Plugin entry:
PiP-Zap Setup
When pipzap is activated
Instead of the main picture you change the channel displayed as picture in picture. To do so just select another (playable) service from the ChannelSelection and watch magic happen.
Channels under parental control are currently not selectable as picture in picture, 
this might change in a future version but for now you have been warned.

Inside the context menu of the ChannelSelection (press MENU key while browsing) you can switch the service displayed as main picture without disabling pipzap. Please not that now only the ChannelSelection changes what is displayed inside the picture in picture,  but also the LEFT / RIGHT keys on your remote control.

This sounds surprisingly easy, what's the catch?
That's the good part: besides not being able to select services under parental control, there is none.

You might find helpful that by default the STOP key on your remote control can be used to quickly toggle pipzap when watching Live TV, but if you find this irritating you may disable this in the pipzap Setup. Among other things, you can also disable the "indicator" shown in the opposite corner of you picture in picture if pipzap is active.

Just take a look, it won't take long and might help you to change the behavior of this plugin more to your liking.

PiP Zap in use:
PiP Zap in use
You can change the label if you want:
  <screen name="PictureInPictureZapping" flags="wfNoBorder" position="50,40" size="105,33" title="PiPZap" zPosition="-1">
<eLabel text="PiP-Zap" position="5,0" size="105,33" foregroundColor="#00ff66" font="Regular;24" />
 Make you changes and enter the screen in to: /etc/enigma2/skin_user.xml

Plugin developer: ritzMo
[Location: MainMenu -> Setup -> System  - and if selected, Plugin Browser]
Using screen name="PipzapSetup" +"PictureInPictureZapping" and "MPhelp"
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