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Partnerbox: TVPlayer

Partnerbox: Remote TVPlayer                                                
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Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox.png

Stream current Channel or stream one from Bouquet.

You can select to Stream the current service from your Partnerbox
or the RemoteTV Player: Stream TV from your Partnerbox(s) bouquets.
Select Partnerbox from Extension menu
Dreambox - Partnerbox Select from Extension menu
You can select to Stream current service from your Partnerbox
or use the RemoteTV Player to choose channel from bouquet list,
internal or external bouquet list, like you selected in Partnerbox setup.

Partnerbox: Select from List of Entries
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox: List of Entries
If you got more Partnerboxes you can select from the List of Entries.

Partnerbox - Remote TVPlayer: Bouquet List
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Bouquet List
The TV Player got its own way to show the selected Bouquet List
Partnerbox - Remote TVPlayer: Event View
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Event View
When there is EPG you can press blue button for Even view.

Partnerbox - Remote TVPlayer: InfoBar
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox InfoBar
The TVPlayer uses a simple InfoBar.

For basic plugin information - please look at the Partnerbox Setup page.