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Partnerbox Setup

Partnerbox Setup                                                                    
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Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox.png

RemoteTimer and Remote TVplayer.

Partnerbox allows editing a remote Dreambox's record timers and stream
its TV program, even from your Channel Selection. Although the Partnerbox plugin is a very large with many options, it is incredibly easy to use.

The plugin connects to your Partnerbox, you only have to install it on the dreambox you are using and it will even work without satellite connection.

To make a good overview, I had to make four pages: Partnerbox Setup -  Remote TVPlayer - Remote TimerPartnerbox from Channel Selection 

Plugin setup:
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Setup
In this setup is the Remote timer is excluded.

Partnerbox Entries
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Entries List Config
In the List of Entries, you can edit, add or delete a Partnerbox.

Its the same screen which will prove if you got more than one partnerbox,
and if you want to stream from a Partnerbox via Extension menu
or you are adding a Partnerbox channel/bouquet to your Channel Selection.

Add or edit a Patnerbox:
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Entry Config
You can connect to enigma1 and enigma2 boxes and if your got a Patnerbox with two tuners there is on need to select to Zap. 

You have to restart Enigma2 to activate your new preferences! 

Now I got two new selections i the Extension menu:
1. Stream current service from partnerbox.
2. RemoteTV Player: Stream TV from your Partnerbox(s)
if you have made connection to more than one you will get at selectionscreen. 

Plugin developer: Dr.Best 
[Location: Setup = Plugin browser. In use: Extension menu - Timer editor
Single Epg list - EPG Extension menu and the Channel Selection]
Using screen name="PartnerboxSetup" + "PartnerboxEntryConfigScreen" + "PartnerboxEntriesListConfigScreen" + "RemotePlayer" "CurrentRemoteTV" +
"RemoteTimer" + "RemoteTimerEventView" + "RemoteTimerBouquetList" + "RemoteTimerChannelList" + "RemoteTimerEPGList" + "RemoteTimerEntry" 

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