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Partnerbox: RemoteTimer

Partnerbox: RemoteTimer                                                        page  3/4

Manage timer for other dreamboxes in network
Start the RemoteTimer from the Extension menu

If you got more than one Partner, the first/upper in the List of Entries
is the primary for easy setting a RemoteTimer or starting the TV Player.
The RemoteTimer can be used from Extension menu, EPG Extension menu the Classic Timer and the Single EPG list, its components is broadly normal like the Classic Timer.

The Timers you make will only show in the Partnerbox Timerlist.

Partnerbox: RemoteTimer Timerlist
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox RemoteTimer Timerlist
Manager your RemoteTimers,  go to EPG Selection to add a Timer.

Partnerbox - Epg Selection
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox RemoteTimer EPG Selection
To reach the single EPG Selection (this screen) press yellow button
in the Timerlist -> Choose bouquet -> Select Service = Epg Selection
Now you can select the even and add a Timer by pressing Green button.

Partnerbox: Add Timer entry
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox RemoteTimer Add Timer entry
The Add Timer entry is broadly the same as the Classic Timer,
but keep in mind your are adding a timer on a Partnerbox Timerlist

For basic plugin information - please look at the Partnerbox Setup page.