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Partnerbox: Channel Selection

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Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox.png

By use the Partnerbox plugin from Channel Selection
will give you almost normal zapping time - very smooth!!

You can add single services from a Partnerbox to your user bouquet
or add a full bouquet from the Partnerbox to the dreambox Channel Selection.

You can not add services or bouquets from Enigma1-receivers

Channel Selection and Context Menu
To add services or a full bouquet to the Channel Selection depends on
from where you pressed the menu button to enter the context menu.

Add full bouquet from: Favourites - Blue button (add Partnerbox bouquet)
Add single services from: User bouquet/Test (add Partnerbox service)

Channel Selection with Partnerbox services
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Channel Selection add service
Here I added services from Partnerbox's to: User bouquet/Partnerbox (Test)

Channel Selection with Partnerbox bouquet
Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Channel Selection add bouquet
Here I added my English Bouquet from my Partnerbox named dm800se

Dreambox plugin - Partnerbox Channel Selection InfoBar
By using Partnerbox from Channel Selection you will get normal InfoBar

Its a super plugin, only negative thing is the lack of EPG, it would be cool if Dr.Best made a RemoteEPG in order to retrieve and store EPG on one place.

If you are using the plugin without Tuner connection,
you can use EPGRefresh to get you EPG to store on the userbox.

By uninstalling the plugin, will the services you added to your User Bouquet still be there and they are working, you have to remove them manually.  

For basic plugin information - please look at the Partnerbox Setup page.