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Network Wizard

Network Wizard
If you want to connect your Dreambox to the Internet
this wizard will guide you through the basic network setup of your Dreambox.

The wizard is used during images installation and it can also be found in Network menu if you want the wizard to help connecting to your network.

Plugin entry:
Dreambox plugin - Network Wizard
By using this setup will your router configure the built-in DHCP Server to assign a IP addresse to your Dreambox.

Wizard message
Dreambox plugin - Network Wizard OK
The Network Wizard message is showing that the setup is approved.

If you use the Network Wizard fore Wireless connection
you can select it from a list showing the wireless networks.

Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia
[Location: Main menu -> Setup -> System -> Network]
Using screen name="NetworkWizard" and own screen "NotificationBox"
Pre-installed and can be download with the Software Manager