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Network Browser

Network Browser

Browser to connect network shares.
Browses for NFS and CIFS shares and connects to them.

Plugin entry:
Dreambox plugin - Network Browser
First time the Network Browser starts searching for network-shares.
You can start a new network search by pressing yellow button.
Blue button (Expert) Make search for special IP, range or a NFS Share

If you want to connect to the same device twice (different folders)
you have to give them there own share name.

Be cool! - it can take a while to make the connection and store it.

Mountpoints managerment
Dreambox plugin - Mount Manager - Mountpoints
Here is mounted to a Wireless harddisk, Computer and other Dreambox's.

Plugin developer: acid-burn, nixkoenner
[Location: Main menu -> Setup -> System -> Network]
Using screen name="NetworkBrowser" "ScanIP"  ""  ""
Download with Software Manager

With the plugin, will the Mount Manager plugin also be installed.