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MovieCut - Execute cuts...

Cut your movies.

Execute the cuts, as set by the CutlistEditor
by physically removing unwanted parts from the files.

This module makes it possible to execute the cuts specified by the Cutlist editor in enigma2, i.e. the specified sections are actually removed from the file, saving disk space and simplifying if the movie is to be e.g. burned to a DVD. 

When installed it will be accessible from the file list menu (i.e. selecting a file in the file list and pressing the menu button) under the name "Execute cuts...".
First use the Cutlist editor to set the appropriate cut marks.
Then select "Execute cuts..." and it will give some options for usage.

The real work is done by the program "mcut".
It was inspired and guided by the similar package "moviecutter" bu Georges.
However, you need not wait over the night but it can run in the background as you keep watching on your dreambox, and a typical movie takes about 15-20 minutes to process. The program "mcut" can also be called directly from a shell. With no arguments it will give a brief description of the options.

Start making your movie cuts with CutlistEditor 

Leave CutListEditor and select Execute cuts...
MovieCut Context Menu

Advanced cut specification...
MovieCut Advanced Cut Input

Plugin developer: AHolst
[Location: Movie list -> Movie list Context menu]
Using called screens: "ChoiceBox" + "Setup" + "MessageBox"
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