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Movie Selection Quick Button

Movie Selection Quick Button

Assign color buttons in the Movielist to movie plugins.

The plugin comes with only 3. options: Delete - Sort (alphabetic or by date)
and a Home button that send you back to your default movie location.
You can change the Default movie location in Recording paths setup.

You can assign the following plugins:
CutListEditor  -  MovieCut  -  MovieRetitle  -   Movielist Preview    

You can not assign:
MovieTagger  -  SerienFilm  -  TagEditor or Enhanced Movie Center (EMC) These plugins are using the coloured buttons.

Does not work, but should!

Plugin Setup:
Dreambox plugin - Movie Selection Quickbutton Setup
Select what Text to display: plugin name or plugin description
and select if you want to Show the plugin in the Extensions menu.

You can only assign plugins if they are installed.
It's not needed to Enigma2 reboot after you made your changes.

Movie Selection with Quick Buttons
Dreambox plugin - Movie Selection Quickbutton

Plugin developer: Dr.Best
[Location: Plugin Browser and selectable Extension menu]
Using screen name="MovieSelectionButtonSetup"
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