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Movie Retitle

Movie Retitle

With MovieRetitle you can rename your movies.

With this module it is possible to change the filename, title, description, and location of a movie. When installed it will show up in the movie list menu (i.e. find a movie in the movie selection list and press the menu button) under the name "Change name...".

Plugin entry:
It is possible to move to another location.
If the other location is on another device, moving will be performed in the background and a notification given when moving is finished.
The old movie will not disappear from the movie list until then.
It is possible to request moving more movies before the first one has finished,but they will be queued up and moved after each other not the stress the external media too much.

Plugin developer: AHolst
[Location: Movie selection -> Menu button (context menu)]
Calling screen name="setup"
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