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Movie paths

Movie paths

Select between different movie lists, stored 

If you have made mounts connecting to other devices or network-mounts you can find them by pressing the Video button. No matter if you are using default setup or if you change Recording paths, you can select new Movie paths.

Recorded files...
Dreambox plugins - Movie paths - Recorded files
On the screenshot I connected to a Network mount.
The Coloured buttons is used by Movie Selection Quick Button plugin.

If nothing changes the movie paths will be: /media/hdd/movie/ 

Select movie paths
Dreambox plugin - Movie paths
You can switch list by using the Bouquet buttons +/-
Upper list is where you select paths, press Blue (Bookmark) to add the paths to the Bookmark selection list, Remember to store it, press Green (OK)

Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia
[Location: (Two time Video button) Recorded files -> Select Location]
Using screen name=""
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