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Mount Manager

Mount Manager

Manage your network shares...

Mount Manager Menu
Dreambox plugin - Mount Manager
Add a new NFS or CIFS mount point to your Dreambox.
View, edit or delete mountpoints on your Dreambox.
View, edit or delete usernames and passwords for your network.
Change the hostname of your Dreambox.

Edit or add NFS and CIFS mount points.
Dreambox plugin - Mount Manager edit-add

Mountpoints managerment
Dreambox plugin - Mount Manager - Mountpoints
Here is mounted to a Wireless harddisk, Computer and other Dreamboxs.
I didn't make the mounts my self, more or less the Network Browser made it.

Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia
[Location: Main menu -> Setup -> System]
Using screen name="AutoMountManager" +"AutoMountEdit" + "AutoMountView" + "UserManager" + "UserDialog"
Download with Software Manager

The plugin is part of the Network Browser plugin.