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Morpheus Screensaver

Morpheus Screensaver

Screensaver for Radio, Audio Media Player and Paused TV.

Before installing: 
Be sure the device you want to use as graphic storage has to be mounted.
The Plugin starts to look for devices in a specific order: /media/ba - /media/usb /media/cf - /media/sd - other /media/*(not /media/net) and at last /media/hdd

You can change the graphic storage manually with Telnet.

Plugin setup:
Morpheus Screensaver
Read the Guide for more info about the main setup.

Graphic Setup:
By placing the selector on Background and using buttons left/right, you can select if you want to use color or a background picture (png) as background.

Using Colored Background:
On top of a background, you can have a moving item.
Press Yellow button Skin - now you can select between different moving items
from the storage list (/media/"device"/screensaver/) 

Picture Background:
Select png and press Yellow button Skin.
First you have to select a moving item on none then press OK - now you can select from the background storage list (/media/"device"/background/)

You can use your own graphical .png files - they have to be 256 colors / 8 bit

My Screensaver:
Screensaver Aurora Tinkerbell

Plugin developer: gutemine
[Location: Main Menu - Setup - System(Setup) + Extended Menu(activate)]
Using screen name="Morpheus" + own saver screen and calling "ChoiceBox"
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