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Merlin Music Player

Merlin Music Player

Merlin Music Player and iDream 
Manage your music files in a database, play them.

The Merlin Music Player
  • Merlin Music Player 
  • Player setup
  • Player song list
  • Player lyrics
  • Select database patch
  • Player file list
  • Screensaver
As you can see there is as always (in plugins) a bunch of opportunities.
Player setup:
Merlin Music Player Setup
notis that if you say yes to: "Play last used songlist after starting" it will also have affect if you start iDream plugin.

Merlin Musik Player:
Merlin Music Player Screen
You select to shuffle or repeat by using Bouquet button +/-

Merlin Music Player Song List

Merlin Music Player Lyrics

Plugin developer: Dr.Best
[Location: Plugin Browser + Extended Menu and/or Main Menu]
Using screen name="MerlinMusicPlayerSetup" + "MerlinMusicPlayerSongList" "SelectPath" + "MerlinMusicPlayerScreen" + "MerlinMusicPlayerLyrics" + "MerlinMusicPlayerFileList" 
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