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Logo Manager

Manage logos to display at boot time or while in radio mode.

The boot logo file has to be .mvi files, HD boot logos can easy be made with a program named DreamLogoGenerator.

To make it work, you have to make at folder named: bootlogos
on a storage device, you can use CF or HDD.
In your bootlogos folder you can add all the somename.mvi files you want and select the one you want and select how to use it.

Name info:
bootlogo.mvi - is first logo you will.
bootlogo_wait.mvi - is only used during installation.
backdrop.mvi - is the one that shows during Enigma2 reboot.
radio.mvi - its used in radio mode and in the media center.
switchoff.mvi - switchoff logo is only used on dm800.

Extended menu:
Logo Manager Menu

Logo Manager Setup

Logo Manager Main screen

Logo Manager Available

Plugin developer: 3c5x9
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Using screen name="LogoManagerConfigScreen" and "LogoManagerScreen"
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