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Enables using a large color USB display on the Dreambox.

In this guide I'll show how I made it working with a Samsung SPF-107H display
a gift from my wife, - that's why you have to press on one of the ads.

After installing USB lips and plugin with Software Manager and a full reboot.

There are many options, so I'll try to limit myself - if I can. ;)

First of all you have to know there are 4. kinds of setup's using blue button.
Where there is shown (ok)> in a menu item you can select/make a patch.

Plugin entry - Global settings:
LCD4Linux display Config
Here setup the main/basic setting:
Using 1. or 2 LCD display's, how many screens to use on same display.
background picture, where to retrieve Wetter information from and more.

Display-Mode On:
LCD4Linux display Config
Display time Off/On, OSD, Picon, Clock, Channel Name, Channel Number, Current event, Next event, Progress Bar, Informations, Show Tuner, Timer Event, Storage-Devices, Weather, oscam/, Picture, Text and HTTP Text.

Next two blu-buttons.
Here you can setup how the display shall work,while using any kind of Mediaplayer. or how it shall look in Standby-mode.

Select File/Dir... 
LCD4Linux display file selection

Config save and restore:
LCD4Linux Display Menu
You change the backup storage in: Set on menu.

My display setup:
LCD4Linux my setup

YouTube Video

You can also make the setup with LCD4Linux WebInterface

Plugin developer: joergm6
[Location: Plugin browser]
Using screen name="LCDdisplayConfig" + "LCDdisplayMenu" + "LCDdisplayFile"