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Internet Radio

Listen to internet-radio from

With this plugin, you can hear your radio streams on your Dreambox
from the website existing stations
(currently almost 2700) Stations is loaded into the plugin, which you can filter by Station or by country. It can appropriate station in a Favorites list to be stored. You can also record and store stream on your Dreambox.

Plugin entry:
Dreambox plugin - Internet-Radio
The plugin start on the Favorites list with visualization.

Plugin Setup:
Dreambox plugin - Internet Radio Setup
You can change record path for Streamripper by placeing the selector on Recording location: and press OK. You and leave the Internet-Radio plugin and it will continue rercoding until end time or until you stop it manuely.

Plugin menu:
Dreambox plugin - Internet Radio Menu
You can select an entry, which will be played at the plugin startup.

Dreambox plugin - Internet-Radio Streaming Information
From main screen you can press the Info button additional information
about bit rate, codec, any error messages, etc.

Link to the xlm the Internet.Radio plugin is using.

You can also use the plugin from you PC Internet-Radio WebInterface

Plugin developer: Dr.Best
[Location: Plugin Browser and Extension menu]
Using screen name="InternetRadioSetup" + "InternetRadioScreen" + "InternetRadioInformationScreen" + "InternetRadioStreamripperRecordingPath"
and is calling: "InputBox" + "MessageBox" + "VirtualKeyBoard"
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