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HbbTV Setup


HbbTV Test Suite and Applications.

Plugin setup:
Setup HbbTV functionalities.
Dreambox plugin - HbbTV Setup
Here you can select: 
1. HbbTV Functionality Set plugin On/Off.
2 .Select if you want use HbbTV plugin with TeleText button.
3. Activated: Show HbbTV TestSuite: Menu - Plugin Browser or Extensions, otherwise it wont show anywhere.

Notis. Changes will first have effect after a enigma2 reboot.

HbbTV (TestSuite) - HBBig
Dreambox plugin - HbbTV (Test Suite)
The plugin comes without showing HbbTV TestSuite from HBBig.
view more here... HbbTV (TestSuite)

HbbTV Text enabled 
Show the current HbbTV Teletext Application
Dreambox plugin - HbbTV Select TeleText
If a Channel can provide you with HbbTV.
Press Text button and select between TeleText applications.

Select an HbbTV application
Show the current HbbTV Startapplication
Dreambox plugin - Select an HbbTV application
You can always start an application from Extension menu (Blue button)

Dreambox plugin - HbbTV ARD EPG.

Plugin developer: Dream-multimedia
[Plugin setup: Main menu -> Setup -> System
HbbTV Applications: Extension menu
Text button: If provider has a HbbTV teletext modul]
Using screen name="HbbTVSetup", calling "ChoiceBox" and own screens.
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