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EPGRefresh will automatically switch to user-defined channels when the box is idling (i.e. in standby mode and no recordings running) to perform updates of the EPG information on these channels.
On multi-tuner boxes it may optionally run in background hidden or in PiP, to not disturb the current TV program.

The configuration menu:
EPGRefresh Configuration
This is the entry point of EPGRefresh. From this menu you can configure every aspect of the plugin and start a manual refresh of the EPG.
The configuration options each have an explaination which is supposed to help you to understand their effects better. Please give reading them a try, they can save you a lot of time.

Using the YELLOW button you can start a refresh manually and the INFO button brings up the date the last refresh was completed successfully.
The BLUE key opens the service editor (next page).

Editing the service list:
EPG Refresh Channel Selection
While the screen does not immediately show it, it does have a lot to offer.
The topmost line allows you to choose between the editor for channels and bouquets and the following lines contain the channels/bouquets you chose to refresh. You can use the BLUE button to add a new entry to the list or the YELLOW button to remove an existing one.

For most people it should be sufficient to add the "Favourites" bouquet by selecting "Bouquets" in the first line and by adding it using the BLUE button.

EPG Refresh Service Editor
You now know how to do your first steps in EPGRefresh.
As a final note I want to hint you at the fact that this plugin will not do anything on it's own without YOU telling it to. So if you want the refresh to happen automatically in the background you need to configure the plugin to do so.
This was not done to cause you any inconvenience but rather to give you the freedom of choice.

Plugin developer: ritzMo
[Location: Plugin Browser, add Channel from EPG extended menu]
Using screen name="EPGRefreshConfiguration" + "EPGRefreshServiceEditor" + "SimpleChannelSelection"(Reguest Information)
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