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Email  Client

Emailclient is an IMAP4 e-mail viewer for the Dreambox. (Internet Message Access Protocol)

Plugin entry:
Email Account List

Entry screen holding the list of accounts.
Offering to add, edit or remove one. Also configuration through <menu>

Email Config Account

This is the main screen for interacting with the user.
It contains the list of mailboxes (boxlist) on the left and
the list of messages (messagelist) on the right.
At the bottom we have a line for info messages.
It is specific for one account.

Email Screen

Screen Mail View

Mailbox message

Plugin developer: drmichael  3c5x9
[Location: Plugin Browser ]
Using screen name="EmailAccountList" + "EmailConfigAccount" + "EmailConfigOptions" + "EmailScreen" + "ScreenMailView" 
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