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Elektro Power Save

Elektro Power Save
Elektor Power Save
The Elektro Power Save Plugin puts the box from standby to sleep mode (Deep Standby) at certain times. This only happens if the box is in standby and no recording is running or sheduled in the next 20 minutes.
The box automatically wakes up for recordings or at the end of the sleep time.
You therefore don't have to wait until it is on again.

Plugin entry:
Elektro Power Save

- Enable Elektro Power Save in the Plugin menu.

- Standby on boot
Puts the box in standby after boot.

- Standby on manual boot.
Whether to put the box in standby when booted manually. On manual boot the box will not go to sleep until the next sleep intervall eaven when this is turned on.
This option is only evaluated if Standby on boot is turned on.

- Standby on boot screen timeout.
How long to show the standby on boot screen. This value can be encreased to ensure the box does not shut down again to quickly during sleep times.

- Force sleep.
Forces sleep, even when not in standby.
This has influence on sheduled recordings.

- Don't sleep while hdd is active.
Wait for the HDD to got to sleep mode.
Depending on the configuration this can keep the box from going to sleep mode.

- Dont wake up
Do not wake up at the end of the sleep time.

- Holiday mode
The box goes to sleep when not recording.

- Next day starts at and other times..
If the box is supposed to go to sleep Monday night at 1 it is actually already Thuesday. To make this nonetheless possible, it must be known when the next day Starts. Hopefully the rest is self-explanatory.

Plugin developer: gutemine, Morty
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