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Its (so far) a basic picasa client.
With eCasa you can look at Picasa Featured images, your
can watch at your pictures on Google+. Picasa and Flickr.

Plugin entry:
Ecasa Picture Wall
The plugin start with opening the Picasa Featured photos, from here
you can look at pictures without have made any setup to your account(s). 

eCasa setup:
Ecasa Setup
By pressing Menu button in entry screen, you can setup your account(s). 

Album view:
Ecasa Album view
After you made your account setup, you can connect to your albums by pressing green button in the entry screen.

Plugin developer: ritzMo
[Location: Plugin Browser]
Using screen name="EcasaPictureWall" + "EcasaSetup" + "EcasaAlbumview" + "EcasaPicture" 
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