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The Plugin is a kind of Media Center.

Plugin entry:

In the setup you can enable/disable pre-determined plugin from Dr.Best, pdc and Vali and as always, of course the plugins have to be installed.
Its not all the pre-determined plugins you can download from the Software manager, - you can find a list below and download them. There is no need for enigma2 reboot if you make changes in pre-determined plugins, but you have to leave the plugin before they will show on the list.

add or remove plugin from Plugin Borwser:
By pressing yellow button in the plugin setup, you can selecet other plugins and add them to EasyMedia entry, it is also here you remove them. Since they are not pre-determined, you have to leave EasyMedia and make a enigma2 reboot.

Plugin developer: Vali
[Location: Plugin Browser - PVR button / + Menu button = Setup]
Using screen name="ConfigEasyMedia" + "AddPlug" and own entry scrreen.
Debate - Download with Software Manager