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DVDBurn plugin png
Burn single or dual layer DVD of you recordings.

Plugin entry:
DVDBurn Title List
In the Title list, you can find most of the setup options.

Add title:
DVD add title
Pick up recording and edit title, the Edit Title is more or less the same as CutListEditor, here you also can grap a screenshot from the recording., it will be used as a preview in your DVD menu.

In Tool box menu you can check out you DVD.

Collection settings:
DVDBurn Project Settings
Its here you setup how your DVD should work and its graphic appearance.

DVDBurn JobView:
DVDBurn JobView
After you have started DVDBurn from Menu the JobView opens, you can leave the screen and the process will continue in background.

Plugin developer: Fraxinas
[Location: Plugin Browser + Movie selection -> Menu button (context menu)]
Using screen name="TitleList" + "TitleProperties" + "ProjectSettings" + "DVDMovieSelection" + "DVDToolbox" + "TitleCutter" and calling "JobView"
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