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Dream Twitter

Dream Twitter

Lets you Read and Write your Twitter
to use this plugin, - You got to have a Twitter account.

First time you start it, the plugin generates a unik link/code to - the link you can find in /tmp/twitter.txt

Enter the link in a webbrowser, Authorize App and you will get a unik code
this number code shall use in the access screen to get it working.

Plugin entry:
Dreambox Twitter plugin
After you have setup your access, the plugin starts showing (from left to right) 

Access screen:
Dreambox twitter access setup
Enter the 
Authorize App number code here.

Tweet Tweet
Dreambox Twitter Write new Tweet
If you also have a facebook acount, you can connect your twitter and facebook what you are writing on Twitter or DreamTweet will also show on facebook.

I had once a problem with it (bsod) and had to start all over again.
Remove the two Twitter lines in /etc/enigma2/settings -> reboot e2


Plugin developer: Homey[GER]
[Location: Plugin Browser and Extended Menu]
Using screen name="TwitterMain" + "TwitterPinCodeInput" + "TwitterPostNewTweet"