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CutList Editor

CutList Editor

Its a very cool tool that allows you Cut in you recording.

To start the editor you, you have to start Movie Selection(PVR)
move the selector to the movie you want to edit and press the Menu button.

Movie Player InfoBar
Here you can see all the markers I made using 0 button.

Pink marker shows specified marker, green indicates the last position.
Press button 0 to set or remove a mark - toggle between marks with forward/backward buttons, markers can later be used in CutList Editor.

Plugin entry:
Welcome to the Cutlist editor.
Seek to the start of the stuff you want to cut away.
Press OK, select 'start cut'.
Then seek to the end, press OK, select 'end cut'.
That's it. 

Plugin developer: Dream Multimedia
[Location: Movie selection -> Menu button (context menu)]
Using screen name=" CutListEditor"  calling "Menu" and "MessageBox" screens.