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Bouquets Protection

Bouquets protection

Advanced parental control for user bouquets.

Plugin setup:
Dreambox plugin - Bouquets protection setup
Place curser on Change password use set Password protection.
You can set a password protection a decide how loag it should last: 1 minute
- 5 minutes - 15 minutes - 30 minutes - 45 minutes - 60 minutes - 2 hours
- 3 hours - 6 hours - 12 hours - 24 hours - Standby - until Standby/Restart

Channel Selection Menu
Dreambox plugin - Bouquets Protection Channel Selection Menu
When you are in the Channel selection go to the channel you want to protect press Menu button, now you can manage if hidden or just password protectet.
Its also here you can remove service from bouquets protection.

Hidden services
Dreambox plugin - Bouquets protection hidden services
If you select to use Advanced you will get a hidden service list.
In the plugin setup you can select what button should open hidden services.
None - AUDIO - long AUDIO - VIDEO or long VIDEO button press.

Enter password
Dreambox plugin - Bouquets protection enter password

Plugin developer: vlamo
[Location: Main menu -> Setup]
Calling screen name="Setup"
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