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Automatic Volume Adjustment

Automatic Volume Adjustment

Automatic volume adjustment for ac3/dts services.
There are often differences in volume between SD and HD channels, with this plugin you can smooth it,
by adjusting the volume ratio in MPG between audio channels and AC-3 channels.

Its a good idea to balance volume between you equipment
on a channel with "normale" voulme. 
Start by having Dreambox volume between 50 - 70%
(to store the volume setup you have to restart enigma2,it will get lost if you reboot with another loudness)

Plugin entry - status enabled:
Here you make the main configuration, to make volume adjustment on specific channels press blue/service.

Service Config Screen List:
Start with adding channels from Channals Selection to the list by pressing red/add, Afterwards you can adjust channels on the list by pressing yellow/edit.

Plugin developer: Dr.Best
[Location: Menu -> Setup - > System]
Using screen name="AutomaticVolumeAdjustmentConfigScreen" + AutomaticVolumeAdjustmentEntryConfigScreen + 
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