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Anti Scrollbar
AntiScrollbarWith this plugin you can make a black overlayer
on top of a annoying scrollbar.

First Zap to the channel where you want the overlayer, the enter the plugin.

Plugin entry:
Here you configure if overlayer function should start on Sessions start.

By pressing Yellow/Current Service you will enter a new screen
it start with having a square overlayer in upper right corner. 

Current Service:
You can move and form it as you want by using: 
Button 2,4,6,8 to resize the overlayer and
buttons up,down,left,right to change its position.

Overlayer On:
When overlayer is in position, press OK to save and leave screen.  

If you want this function on more channels. start all over again. 

To disable overlayer function, you have to enter the plugin again
Press Yellow/Current Service: button 0 to enable/disable the service.

Plugin developer: 3c5x9
[Location : Plugin Browser]
Using screen name="AntiScrollConfig"
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